Saeliao, Thanyalak 2014

Saeliao, Thanyalak. 2014. Taiguo Mianyu Cankao Yufa [A Reference Grammar of the Mian Language of Thailand]. Beijing: Zhongguo shehui kexue chubanshe. 532pp.

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AU  - Saeliao, Thanyalak
PY  - 2014
DA  - 2014//
TI  - Taiguo Mianyu Cankao Yufa
PB  - Zhongguo shehui kexue chubanshe
CY  - Beijing
ID  - 551867
ER  - 
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        <title>Taiguo Mianyu Cankao Yufa</title>
    <name type="personal">
        <namePart type="given">Thanyalak</namePart>
        <namePart type="family">Saeliao</namePart>
            <roleTerm authority="marcrelator" type="text">author</roleTerm>
        <publisher>Zhongguo shehui kexue chubanshe</publisher>
            <placeTerm type="text">Beijing</placeTerm>
    <genre authority="marcgt">book</genre>
    <identifier type="citekey">551867</identifier>