Smith, Beverly Kean 1993

Smith, Beverly Kean. 1993. A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Pitu Ulunna Salu. Ann Arbor: University of Texas at Arlington MA thesis. (xi+201pp.) (file-name on CD-ROM: 1356649, xi+201pp.)

  address               = {Ann Arbor},
  author                = {Smith, Beverly Kean},
  note                  = {file-name on CD-ROM: 1356649},
  pages                 = {xi+201},
  publisher             = {UMI},
  school                = {University of Texas at Arlington},
  title                 = {A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Pitu Ulunna Salu},
  year                  = {1993},
  abstract              = {Pitu Ulunna Salu (PUS) is a subfamily of languages spoken on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. This study reconstructs the phonemic system of Proto-Pitu Ulunna Salu using the comparative method. The study is based on eighteen wordlists representing three languages from the PUS subfamily (PUS, Aralle-Tabulahan, and Ulumandak). Four wordlists from two languages of the Toraja-Sa'dan subfamily (Mamasa and Kalumpang) are also included in the study to clarify the relationship between the PUS and Toraja subfamilies, especially along the border. The results of the reconstruction are used to derive subgrouping conclusions based on shared innovations among the various wordlist locations. The study indicates that there are at least two major groups within the PUS subfamily: (1) the northern and central lects of PUS (Bumal, Issilitae', Bambang Hulu, and Salu Mokanam), and (2) the Aralle-Tabulahan language, plus the southern and western lects of PUS (Matangnga, Mehalaan, and Pakkau).},
  adviser               = {Werth, Ronald N.},
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  fnnote                = {pdf, 5,91 MB},
  hhtype                = {overview;comparative;wordlist},
  inlg                  = {English [eng]},
  lgcode                = {A Aralle = Aralle-Tabulahan [atq], B Botteng = Ulumanda' [ulm], D Dama'-Dama', Ki Kiha', Ko Kondo, Mb Mambi, Me Mehalaan = Bambam [ptu], Mi Minanga, Mt Matangnga = Bambam [ptu], P Pallu', R Rantepalado, Sd Saludengan, Se Sepang, Sh Salu Huhu, Sm Salu Maka', So Sodangan, Th Tabulahan, ThC Tabulahan (Campbell), ThM Tabulahan (McKenzie), Ti Tarinding, Tn Tanete, To Taora, Tu Taupe},
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Name in source Glottolog languoid
A Aralle
B Botteng
D Dama'-Dama'
    Ki Kiha'
      Ko Kondo
        Mb Mambi
          Me Mehalaan
          Mi Minanga
            Mt Matangnga
            P Pallu'
              R Rantepalado
                Sd Saludengan
                  Se Sepang
                    Sh Salu Huhu
                      Sm Salu Maka'
                        So Sodangan
                          Th Tabulahan
                            ThC Tabulahan (Campbell)
                              ThM Tabulahan (McKenzie)
                                Ti Tarinding
                                  Tn Tanete
                                    To Taora
                                      Tu Taupe