Oliverio, Giulia R. M. 1997

Oliverio, Giulia R. M. 1997. A Grammar and Dictionary of Tutelo. Ann Arbor: University of Kansas dissertation. (349pp.)

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  abstract              = {This thesis is a descriptive grammar and dictionary of Tutelo, an extinct Siouan language formerly spoken in the eastern United States. At the time of first contact with Europeans in the seventeenth century, the Tutelo people lived in western Virginia. From the eastern United States they migrated northward to Ontario, Canada, where they now live on the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford. All the available data on the Tutelo language are gathered and analyzed, from placenames collected by the earliest explorers beginning in the seventeenth century to words collected by linguists in the twentieth century. Each source is described for content and accuracy of transcription. The grammatical description includes all aspects of the Tutelo language: phonology, morphology, and syntax. All morphemes and words are compiled in a detailed Tutelo to English dictionary with an English-Tutelo index.},
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