Armbruster, Charles Hubert 1908

Armbruster, Charles Hubert. 1908. Initia amharica --- an introduction to spoken Amharic, 1: grammar. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press. xxiii+398pp.

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  hhtype     = {grammar},
  inlg       = {English [eng]},
  jfmnote    = {'Armbruster's study of Amharic was one of the first to be written in English, and exemplifies the shift among linguists away from the formal, classics-based style of earlier reference grammars towards a focus on colloquial speech and communication. His examples are drawn from direct knowledge of the contemporary language, unlike similar works of the period which were often based on centuries-old Ethiopian Orthodox biblical texts. Volume 1 is devoted to grammar. Armbruster provides an extensive discussion of the phonetics and phonology of the language and their relation to Amharic script together with explanations and examples of verb conjugations, syntax and sentence formation' (quoted from a 'LinguistList' book announcement). Reprinted 2010 by Cambridge Univ. Press as part of their 'Cambridge library collection: linguistics' series (ISBN 978-1-108-01329-1).},
  keywords   = {;nea;eth;lng;grd;phn;x.231;},
  lgcode     = {Amharic [amh] (autotranslated from Maho's coding system)},
  macro_area = {Africa},
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Amharic (autotranslated from Maho's coding system)]