Golovko, Evgeniy V. (recorder) 2008

Golovko, Evgeniy V. (recorder). 2008. Alaska Russian field recordings.

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  anlanote     = {Collection of digital recordings made with Alaska Russian speakers. Speakers include Malutin Chichenoff, Annie Kopang, ? Hartmann, Rosabel Baldwin, ? Andersen, Nettie Amason, Geri Berg, Anna Squartsoff, Betz Lukin, John Pestrikoff, Sue Girard, Nick Pestrikoff, Fred and Ester Chernikoff, Katherine Helmig. Recorded between July 21 and Sept 15. Also in collection, set of digital photos},
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AU  - Golovko, Evgeniy V. (recorder)
PY  - 2008
DA  - 2008//
TI  - Alaska Russian field recordings
UR  - http://www.uaf.edu/anla/item.xml?id=RU008G2008
ID  - 167624
ER  - 
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