Sands, Bonny 2010

Sands, Bonny. 2010. Juu Subgroups Based on Phonological Patterns. In Brenzinger, Matthias and König, Christa (eds.), Khoisan Language and Linguistics: the Riezlern Symposium 2003, 85-114. Cologne: Rüdiger Köppe.

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  macro_area = {Africa},
  src        = {hh}
AU  - Sands, Bonny
ED  - Brenzinger, Matthias
ED  - König, Christa
PY  - 2010
DA  - 2010//
TI  - Juu Subgroups Based on Phonological Patterns
BT  - Khoisan Language and Linguistics: the Riezlern Symposium 2003
T3  - Quellen zur Khoisan-Forschung/Research in Khoisan Studies
SP  - 85
EP  - 114
VL  - 17
PB  - Rüdiger Köppe
CY  - Cologne
ID  - 131786
ER  - 
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        <title>Juu Subgroups Based on Phonological Patterns</title>
    <name type="personal">
        <namePart type="given">Bonny</namePart>
        <namePart type="family">Sands</namePart>
            <roleTerm authority="marcrelator" type="text">author</roleTerm>
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            <title>Khoisan Language and Linguistics</title>
            <subTitle>the Riezlern Symposium 2003</subTitle>
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            <namePart type="given">Christa</namePart>
            <namePart type="family">König</namePart>
                <roleTerm authority="marcrelator" type="text">editor</roleTerm>
            <publisher>Rüdiger Köppe</publisher>
                <placeTerm type="text">Cologne</placeTerm>
        <relatedItem type="host">
                <title>Quellen zur Khoisan-Forschung/Research in Khoisan Studies</title>
    <identifier type="citekey">131786</identifier>
        <detail type="volume"><number>17</number></detail>
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