Natalie Operstein 2012

Natalie Operstein. 2012. Proto-Zapotec *tty/*ty and *ttz/*tz. International Journal of American Linguistics 78. 1-40.

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  year       = {2012},
  abstract   = {This study is the first comprehensive historical and comparative treatment of *tty, *ty, *ttz, and *tz in all known subgroups of Zapotec. The study identifies the main changes affecting these consonants and proposes a subgrouping of the Zapotec language family on the basis of the findings. Among the major results of the study are the proposal that Northern, Central, and Southern Zapotec share a node in the Zapotec family tree, labeled Core Zapotec here, and that the Coatec and Quiegolani varieties fall outside Core and Southern Zapotec, respectively. This paper also proposes refinements to several Proto-Zapotec reconstructions and suggests that *tty/*ty and *ttz/*tz may be identified, respectively, with palatal stops and affricates. The study also makes available to researchers painstakingly collected data, most of which have not been available in printed form.},
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