Marshall, David Lee 1990

Marshall, David Lee. 1990. A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Hindko. Ann Arbor: University of Texas at Arlington MA thesis. (159pp.) (file-name on CD-ROM: 1341081, 159pp.)

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  abstract              = {The Hindko language of northern Pakistan is one of the westernmost Indic languages, geographically contiguous with the Iranian language of Pashto. This study attempts to reconstruct the phonemic system of Proto-Hindko by applying the comparative method of historical linguistics. First, six dialects of Hindko representing the Hindko language area are compared yielding three proto-languages: Proto-Southern Hindko, Proto-Northern Hindko, and Proto-Western Hindko. Next, these three proto-languages are compared resulting in the reconstruction of Proto-Hindko. Proto-Western Hindko was shown to be the most innovative of the Hindko daughter languages with 23 sound changes cited in the data compared to only nine sound changes for Proto-Northern Hindko and eight sound changes for Proto-Southern Hindko. This also suggests that these two latter languages are genealogically closer to each other than they are to Proto-Western Hindko.},
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