Gardner, William L. 2006

Gardner, William L. 2006. Language use in the Epena district of Northern Congo. SIL Electronic Survey Reports. 2006-005. [Arlington]: SIL Internatiional. (Doctoral dissertation, 108pp.)

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  jfmnote    = {'The questionnaires indicate that the Bomitaba use their own language almost exclusively in their daily lives in the home and the village. The official language, French, is mostly used in schools and with government officials. Lingala, the national (trade) language for northern Congo, is spoken by the Bomitaba more than French in their contacts with non-Bomitaba. I believe that a single vernacular literacy project for the Bomitaba, in the Northern (Matoko) dialect, or alternatively the Central (Epena) dialect, would be useful and desirable' (quoted from SIL's webpage).},
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