MacDonald, Georgetta and MacDonald, George E. 1974

MacDonald, Georgetta and MacDonald, George E. 1974. Dadibi phonology. In Richard Loving (ed.), Phonologies of four Papua New Guinea languages, 129-158. Ukarumpa: Summer Institute of Linguistics.

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AU  - MacDonald, Georgetta
AU  - MacDonald, George E.
ED  - Loving, Richard
PY  - 1974
DA  - 1974//
TI  - Dadibi phonology
BT  - Phonologies of four Papua New Guinea languages
T3  - Workpapers in Papua New Guinea Languages
SP  - 129
EP  - 158
VL  - 4
PB  - Summer Institute of Linguistics
CY  - Ukarumpa
UR  -
ID  - 111618
ER  - 
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