Language: Savara


This entry has been retired and is featured here only for bookkeeping purposes. Either the entry has been replaced with one or more more accurate entries or it has been retired because it was based on a misunderstanding to begin with.

The Savara [svr] entry listed as a Dravidian language of the Telugu group, separate from the well-known Munda Sora (also known as Savara) [srb] language. It has been checked quite carefully that there is no Dravidian language matching the name Savara or any of the other information in the entry (p.c. David Stampe 2011), nor, for that matter, the Indo-Aryan Oriya variety labeled Sahara/Saora in Mahapatra, B. P. 2002: 183-184 , but there is a plausible way in which the erroneous entry may have entered E16/E17/E18. Dalton, Edward Tuite 1872 includes a Savara language which he (mistakenly) lists as a Dravidian language. The vocabulary included shows this Savara to be the Munda Sora [srb], not a different language. Presumably E16/E17/E18 is citing (some work that is still citing) Dalton's listing of Savara as a Dravidian language. I wish to thank David Stampe and John Peterson for discussing this entry with me. See also: Sora [srb].

Retired in ISO 639-3: Retire

  • Change request: 2015-010
  • ISO 639-3: svr
  • Name: Savara
  • Reason: non-existent
  • Effective: 2016-01-15


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