Family: Inland Gulf of Papua

Family membership references
Comments on family membership

Internally, the membership of the geographically non-adjacent Ipikoi in the family was realised only in the early 1970s ( Karl J. Franklin 1973 ):267-273. Evidence for a Trans New Guinea membership are the singular pronouns in the Minanibai branch and a few lexical items ( Stephen A. Wurm 1975 ):509-510 and 21928():152, 157 takes the pronoun evidence to be probative. However, the pronouns which look most like Trans New Guinea have not yet been shown to go back to proto-Inland Gulf, and even if we assume they are characteristic, the total of the evidence for a Trans New Guinea affiliation is very slight. Therefore, it would be premature to call Inland Gulf a branch of the Trans New Guinea family. No stronger cases for Inland Gulf affiliations to other (sub-)families have been put forward.

Comments on subclassification

Timothy Usher and Edgar Suter 2015

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