Bookkeeping: Aariya

This entry has been retired and is featured here only for bookkeeping purposes. Either the entry has been replaced with one or more more accurate entries or it has been retired because it was based on a misunderstanding to begin with.

Retired in ISO 639-3:

  • Change request: 2008-001
  • ISO 639-3: aay
  • Name: Aariya
  • Reason: non-existent
  • Effective: 2009-01-16

Excerpt from change request document:

The only reference for this language is

Hugoniot, Richard.1970. A bibliographical Index of the Lesser Known Languages and Dialects of India and Nepal. Waxhaw: Summer Institute of Linguistics.

Hugoniot's source was [Madhya Pradesh Dept. of Tribal Welfare, The Tribes of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal 1964.] Aariya was listed as a Scheduled Tribe at that time but not listed in the more recent Anthropological Society of India research on peoples of India edited by K.S. Singh. Surveyors in the area in 2004 found nobody who had even heard of this language.

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