Moore, Helen Ruby 19–

Moore, Helen Ruby. 19–. English-Bulu vocabulary. Elat (Cameroon): Halsey Memorial Press.

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AU  - Moore, Helen Ruby
PY  - 19–
DA  - 19–//
TI  - English-Bulu vocabulary
PB  - Halsey Memorial Press
CY  - Elat (Cameroon)
ID  - 37826
ER  - 
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        <title>English-Bulu vocabulary</title>
    <name type="personal">
        <namePart type="given">Helen</namePart>
        <namePart type="given">Ruby</namePart>
        <namePart type="family">Moore</namePart>
            <roleTerm authority="marcrelator" type="text">author</roleTerm>
        <publisher>Halsey Memorial Press</publisher>
            <placeTerm type="text">Elat (Cameroon)</placeTerm>
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    <identifier type="citekey">37826</identifier>