Nichols, Johanna and Sprouse, Ronald L. nd

Nichols, Johanna and Sprouse, Ronald L. n.d. Documenting Lexicons: Chechen and Ingush. In Austin, Peter K. (ed.), Language documentation and description volume 1, 99–121. SOAS.

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AU  - Nichols, Johanna
AU  - Sprouse, Ronald L.
ED  - Austin, Peter K.
TI  - Documenting Lexicons: Chechen and Ingush
BT  - Language documentation and description volume 1
SP  - 99
EP  - 121
KW  - fieldwork
ID  - 317099
ER  - 
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        <title>Documenting Lexicons</title>
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            <title>Language documentation and description volume 1</title>
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