Language: Kawarrang-Ogh Undjan


Comments on subclassification

Paul Black 2004 :253 Bruce A. Sommer 1997

The language consisting of the two dialects Kawarrang and Ogh Undjan is missing from E16/E17/E18/E19. There is a Gugu Mini [ggm] entry and the name Gugu Mini has been applied to Ogh Undjan ( Bruce A. Sommer 1997 :1-3 , Bruce A. Sommer 1976 :133-144 ) as well as to Ikarranggal [ikr] ( Bruce A. Sommer no date :1-2 , Bruce A. Sommer 1976 :133-144 ), but the [ggm]-entry is classified as a Rarmul Pama language, implying that it refers to Ikarrangal rather than Kawarrang-Ogh Undjan (which is not a Rarmul Pama language). The closest relative of Ogh Undjan is Ow Oykangand or possibly Kuuk Thayoore but they are not as close as to be even nearly intelligible ( Sommer, Bruce A. 1969 :12 , Paul Black 2004 :253 ). See also: Gugu Mini [ggm], Ikaranggal [ikr].


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